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How Our Business Started

Cindy’s Twisted-Sicles is a company committed to honoring the memory of a special woman whose “twisted” sense of humor inspired the business. Because of her, customers from Charleston and its nearby areas are enjoying our frozen products.

Our company was established after our owner found a letter her late mother wrote to her. There, she expressed how much she enjoyed her last few visits and could not wait to come back again. She loved the South Carolina Lowcountry and planned to retire there.

Before her next visit, though, she developed breast cancer. After a double mastectomy and a few treatments, she overcame cancer. Elizabeth’s mother came back for another visit to celebrate. It was, however, her last.

In the summer of 2015, she discovered that her cancer had reached stage 4 and had also spread throughout her body. She died a few weeks later.

Elizabeth read the letter her mother left her several times while listening to music. The more she read it, the more she cried and wished that her mother was still with her. Southern Style then started playing. It was a song by her mother’s favorite artist, Darius Rucker.

Watching its video, she noticed all of The Lowcountry’s beautiful landmarks. If then hit her that her mother can truly “retire” in the area in spirit. That was how Cindy’s Twisted-Sicles was born.

Elizabeth’s mother had always loved to go out of town and enjoyed having unique cocktails. Wet Willy's, a frozen daiquiri restaurant which closed down, was one of her favorite places to visit because of its multitude of fun names and flavors.

That gave Elizabeth the idea to manufacture and sell delicious frozen adult pops. She took pictures of all the places her mother loved and made them into labels for The Lowcountry's only locally made adult freezer pops.

About Our Freeze Pops